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ISOB is a private organisation for research, development and evaluation, founded 1990. It is based in the vibrant City of Regensburg/Bavaria/Germany, a UNESCO world heritage historic city and high tech industry centre, as well as hub to the mostly rural region of Eastern Bavaria, right in the centre of Europe. Internal evaluation and quality assurance of development projects in the field of entrepreneurship, regional, incl. rural development, workplace learning, digital learning and Learning Region approaches. ISOB is a member of the German Society for Evaluation (DGEVAL) and works according to internationally accepted evaluation standards. Numerous long-term projects for the German Federal Government, on Regional Development as “Learning Region” “EQUAL partnership Tourism Oberland” and SME-Training Provider cooperation, self-organized learning in the workplace, use of digital media for learning in the workplace. 
ISOB GmbH has long relevant experience in the field of Business Creation and Entrepreneurship. ISOB has developed the “Learning Region Schwandorf”, a major regional development programme in a rural region in upper palatine (Bavaria) and has been the scientific guidance of two EQUAL partnerships on tourism and rural development. ISOB has been involved as a partner in the Erasmus+ project Artisan, which developed a comprehensive study of family business succession and artisanial crafts businesses in rural areas, a training programm for artisan and family businesses as well as relevant case studies (
Managing Director Alexander is a certified Business Coach and has long experience in action research project development and coaching regional decision makers in business and institutions.



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