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The Project

Project’s Priorities


•    Inclusion and Diversity in all fields of education and training, by developing the tools that will support involvement in agricultural entrepreneurship of women in rural areas with fewer opportunities in VET education
•    Environment and Fight against climate change, by developing a new curriculum offering training and knowledge on greener entrepreneurial activities in agriculture
•    Contributing to Innovation in Vocational Education and Training, by enabling women to develop new skills related to new needs in the job market through the innovative curriculum and new tools for attaining those skills

Project’s Specific Objectives


DEMETRA, through its Project Results aims to achieve the following objectives:

•    In depth analysis of the context within which women agripreneurs are called to act, by:
     - creating a clear picture of women agripreneurs, their level of education and competences in the fields and their educational needs;
    - recording the gaps and obstacles they must tackle on a national and European level &
    - developing policy recommendation
•    To develop an innovative educational curriculum for educating women on greener, more sustainable models of agricultural entrepreneurship and other entrepreneurial skills.
•    To develop a digital tool for enabling women with limited access to education 
•    To provide access for women in rural areas to educational programmes in the field of agricultural entrepreneurship which are specifically designed based on their needs
•    To connect women agripreneurs with the labour market by bringing the into contact with agricultural stakeholders and agricultural businesses. 
•    To raise awareness on the issues of gender inequalities within the agricultural labour market and the access to entrepreneurial education and skill training. 
•    To share practices and strengthen the partners’ capacity to work transnationally through the cooperation in the full lifespan of the project and the joint activities proposed in this project in the area of women’s education on agricultural entrepreneurship.

Target Audience


•    VET providers – educational institutions and other training organizations
•    Stakeholders such us agricultural organizations and associations, farmers and other rural actors
•    Women in rural areas and other individuals involved in agricultural activity
•    Businesses and StartUps in related sectors (Food and Beverage, Commerce, Services etc)
•    Decision makers
•    Media
•    General public

Project Results


1.    Result 1  DEMETRA Matrix of Competences and Policy Recommendations Report
2.    Result 2 The Green Agripreneurs’ DEMETRA Curriculum 
3.    Result 3 DEMETRA: The All-Encompassing Platform
4.    Result 4 DEMETRA Pilot Course
5.    Result 5 DEMETRA Mentoring Scheme

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