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Successful Dissemination Seminar of the Demetra Project at the Information and Study Centre

Prague, November 9 - Today, a significant Dissemination Seminar took place at the Information and Study Centre as part of the Demetra Project. The Demetra Project is an international initiative with 7 partners from 6 EU countries, focusing on facilitating women's entrepreneurship in agriculture and providing educational materials. The project outputs can be found at the following links:

Matrix of Competences
DEMETRA Curriculum
DEMETRA Platform

The seminar featured six presentations and three video presentations, addressing various aspects of agriculture. Participants were introduced to the goals and progress of the Demetra Project, the current agricultural labour market situation in the Czech Republic, and the essential competencies for women in the field.
Discussed topics included the value chain and entrepreneurship in agriculture, technological developments in the agrarian sector, and the experiences of farmers. Presentations aimed to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical insights.
The Demetra Dissemination Seminar provided attendees with not only new information and trends in agriculture but also created a space for discussion and the exchange of ideas. Participants gained new insights, practical knowledge, and strengthened connections within the agricultural community.
The seminar underscored significant opportunities for the development and support of the agricultural sector, contributing to the awareness of the role of women in the industry and the importance of education. The Demetra Project stands as a contribution to the advancement of the agrarian sector with a focus on gender equality and innovation.


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