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Mentoring Scheme

DEMETRA mentoring scheme will complement the pilot course (PR4) aiming to offer mentoring from experts in entrepreneurship, environmental entrepreneurship, and agriculture. This activity will bring together experienced experts in their respective fields who have extensive experience in working on setting up enterprises, startups, or working in the agriculture sector. Mentors will share their experiences and practical advice with women interested in developing skills in agricultural entrepreneurship.


More specifically, partners will reach out to several local, successful entrepreneurs and agripreneurs, with focus on women in the field, who will be able to offer practical examples and practices of successful entrepreneurial activity, along with insights on challenges they faced and available opportunities.


Mentors will offer up-to-date insights to women who aspire to develop their business ideas in the agricultural sector. They will also provide support and offer solutions to the obstacles and challenges that women may face in this process. This will allow participants to understand better the current needs and demands of the labour market and inspire and empower them in their own efforts.


To watch inspiring videos with insights and tips on entrepreneurship and agricultural entrepreneurship from six different national contexts, click below:

  • Cyprus:

Antwnis HadjichristodoulouChristiana StylianouDr Celia HadjichristodoulouDr Ouranio Anastasiou,  Evi StavrouLiana Toumazou

  • Czech Republic:


  • Germany:

Bastian VergnonChristine SchmidViktoria Lofner-Meir

  • Greece

Evelina BakintaMaria SymeonidouPanagiotis KallianisEpiskopio

  • Poland

Jolanta Stec-RusieckaMarek Duda

  • Slovenia:

Alenka ZapusekAna VovkKatja Temnik

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